About V SHIP


V SHIP是一家综合型的国际航运和国际物流企业,专业从事国际航线的船舶运营管理,船舶经纪业务以及全航线,全流程的国际海运,海铁及海卡运输,具有丰富的实战经验,致力于更高效快捷、更安全、更具成本优势的国际物流供应链整体配套服务。

V SHIP is a comprehensive international shipping and logistics enterprise, specializing in the operation and management of international shipping routes, ship brokerage business, as well as full route and full process international sea freight, sea rail, and sea freight transportation. With rich practical experience, V SHIP is committed to providing more efficient, faster, safer, and lower cost international logistics supply chain overall supporting services.

  • 目标:立足上海,服务全国,航运世界,运通全球。Goal: Based in Shanghai, serving the whole country, shipping the world, and connecting the world
  • 使命:发展更专业的国际海运船务。Mission: Developing a more professional international maritime shipping industry

V SHIP综合性专业一体化国际航运,国际物流企业

V SHIP is a comprehensive professional integrated international shipping and logistics enterprise
V SHIP具有SAFETRANS、OVP、C STAR、VOLTA、FESCO、MAERSK、CMA、ONE、MSC、OOCL、COSCO、EMC、HMM等多家船东的直接订舱资质。V SHIP has direct agency booking qualifications from multiple shipowners, including SAFETRANS, OVP, C STAR, VOLTA, FESCO, MAERSK, CMA, ONE, MSC, OOCL, COSCO, EMC, HMM, etc.
专业提供国际海运订舱、门点拖车、配送仓储、货物分拨、供应链管理以及个性化的国际物流方案设计。We specialize in providing international sea freight booking, door point trailers, distribution and warehousing, cargo distribution, supply chain management, and personalized international logistics solution design.
专长于各类危险品运输、拼箱及特种箱服务,通过与班轮船东长期稳定的合作,确保提供充足的舱位以满足国内外广大客户的各类业务增长。Specializing in various types of dangerous goods transportation, LCL and special container services, through long-term and stable cooperation with liner shipowners, we ensure the provision of sufficient space to meet the various business growth of domestic and foreign customers.
拥有多名海运界的资深无限航区甲类轮机长-Chief Engineer,甲类船长-Captain等海事,海运精英人士,拥有数十年远洋船舶技术运营管理,国际船舶买卖租赁经纪,集装箱货柜揽货出运国际物流等丰富经验。Has several experienced maritime elites in the maritime industry, including senior Class A Chief Engineers and Class A captains. Decades of experience in the technical operation and management of ocean going ships, international ship buying and leasing brokers, and international logistics for container cargo collection and shipment.